IROC is committed to the growth and strength of our members and pediatric renal community.
Healthcare professionals are members of IROC because they understand that we are most powerful when we work together.



"It is a brave new world when capricious variation in medical practice, which has long been the norm, is no longer acceptable, and IROC promises to be the conduit to deliver us to a future of best practices and better care.  Children with renal transplants will benefit accordingly."

Barry Warshaw M.D.
Division of Pediatric Nephrology
Emory University & Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta


"Through our IROC initiative for blood pressure management, we have standardized our work in measurement and documentation.  Specifically, we now consistently report blood pressures above the 90th percentile to our providers.  This allows our providers to be fully informed and facilitates the development of individualized action plans to address elevated measurements. 

We are also excited about the rejection and patient visit preparation work we are involved in with IROC and look forward to implementing the products of these efforts once they are finalized."

Children’s Mercy Hospital: Kidney Transplant Care Team.


"IROC has been an enjoyable and valuable experience for our team. It provides an opportunity to collaborate and share experiences and ideas with other kidney transplant teams who have the same interests and to work together to standardize and optimize care for children with CKD and kidney transplants. The strong partnership with patients and families contributes to the main vision of this collaborative, which is to improve quality of life of patients and their families.

A central goal of this collaborative is the ability to create and access large and rich data sets, track results, share data, and compare outcomes across different centers, thus allowing us to share best practices and improve care and outcomes in children with CKD.

Our team is excited by this opportunity. We look forward to contributing to this collaborative and improving the health of our children."

Emory / Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta: Kidney Transplant Care Team