Kidney Guard Information

The following information grew out of a question our members had: “does anyone know of a company that makes comfortable kidney guards?” We were surprised to find that there were so many options out there - from custom to off-the-shelf. Below is a list of kidney shields/guards that we know of. If you don't see your kidney guard on our list and want us to add it, please email us at:

Disclaimer: This document is meant for informational use only. The views and opinions reflected in this document do not necessarily reflect IROC. IROC is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, any of the named companies.

Q: Why should one be worn?

To protect the transplanted kidney from impact that might damage it.

Q: How do I get one?

Various companies offer them (see below) or they are custom made at your hospital. Ask your nephrology team!

Q: Can wearing one be less annoying?

Hmmmm….great question! We’re working on that….

Custom Made

Pros: Neoprene belt, stretchy, velcro on either end, velcro pocket with molded plastic inside; can be worn under clothing

Cons: black color = hot in the summer, color makes it easily lost, belt size necessitates larger shield with growth

Contact: Seattle Children’s Occupational Therapy
More information:



Pros: Very protective

Cons: Plastic with a soft liner, must wear under shirt

Contact: 800-879-1245



Pros: Soft fabric with hard insert, less noticeable under gear

Cons: Hard molded plastic, does not grow with child

Contact: 800-800-9934

Fox Racing

Pros: Firm belt that wraps around the waist;

Contact: 888-369-7223


Hanger Clinic

Pros: Very protective

Cons: Hard, plastic molded to the body and then secured with velcro, must wear undershirt

Contact: 877-442-6437



Pros: Soft fabric/wicking shirt (you must purchase yourself) with plastic padding added to the area that needs protection, grows with your child, looks like mainstream sports gear/padding;

Cons: Not sure how protective it would be against heavy impact to kidney, very hands-off customer service

Contact: 877-966-6264