Thoughts on Blood Pressure Control: Ann Wiesman

IROC’s mission is to partner with patients with kidney disease and their caregivers to achieve health, longevity and quality of life equivalent to the general population. To start, IROC committed to improving blood pressure control within this group. As part of an ongoing conversation, our community members reflect on blood pressure control and how it impacts their family.

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Ann Wiesman - Mother to Recipient

Our currently 7 year old son, Logan, has been on blood pressure medicine the last 5 years. For the first 3 years we were able to manage the blood pressure with 2 meds, a beta blocker and an ace inhibitor. However, the ace inhibitor, started causing poor readings of creatinine when Logan’s actual kidney function started to decline. This was the catalyst that pushed us into an 18 month long myriad of mix and match blood pressure medicines to attempt to regulate his now uncontrollable blood pressure. Eight different medicines were tried over this timeframe with minimum positive results. We adjusted his dosage 11 times. Now that we are approaching transplant we have been put on Minoxidil, the sledgehammer of blood pressure medicines. His blood pressure has decreased only slightly and we are still attempting to get it to the level that would be acceptable for surgery. We have had numerous issues with his school nurse, ERs, Medical Clinics, and Urgent Cares having difficulty getting accurate readings using automatic blood pressure cuffs. We typically have to request that they take the blood pressure manually.