Our Mission

To partner with patients with kidney disease and their caregivers to achieve health, longevity and quality of life equivalent to the general population.

We will accomplish this by harnessing the inherent motivation and expertise of all stakeholders to improve care, and spawn innovation to improve health and outcomes.

Specifically, IROC is committed to:

  1. Improving blood pressure control
  2. Decreasing acute allograft rejection
  3. Improving quality of life for patients and families


What is IROC?

The Improving Renal Outcomes Collaborative is a network based learning health system of patients and families, clinicians, and researchers from the most advanced pediatric institutions in the country.  We work together to solve difficult problems for children with kidney disease by sharing best practices and data about medical care and health outcomes, and applying quality improvement methods to improve health outcomes.  The five key components of our collaborative include:

  1. Focus on improving outcomes as our singular priority
  2. Engagement of all stakeholders: patients, families, clinicians, researchers, existing networks
  3. Culture of transparency, sharing and collaboration to accelerate dissemination and implementation of ideas that work
  4. Effective use of technology to efficiently capture learning from the point of care, and create a learning health system
  5. Seamless integration of research with clinical care; learn from every patient every day and implement research findings as they are generated
  6. Core resources to train, mentor, and support centers in local quality improvement efforts and to facilitate the sharing and spread of ideas that work