Enhancing patient care is at the heart of what we do, and when you join IROC
you're joining an environment of constant improvement.

Benefits of Joining

Monthly Performance Reports

Each team receives aggregate and team specific monthly performance reports based upon data submitted to the comprehensive, web-based registry that tracks and measures team performance. 

All data submitted from current and previous months are analyzed and automated reports with tables and graphs of key clinical process and outcome measures are available on-demand.

The data are further configured into a population management report with patient-level detail regarding these metrics.

In addition, each center receives an automated pre-visit planning report with individual patient data and decision support to help plan for upcoming visits.

Based upon these reports, each center’s team will review the data, tables and graphs to identify gaps between its goals and its actual performance.  

Quality Improvement Support                    

IROC further supports member teams to improve outcomes through bi-annual in-person Learning Sessions, monthly webinars, and working groups that develop best practices by leveraging information shared by member teams.  Experts in Quality Improvement train members in proven concepts, tools, and methods for achieving rapid improvement. Customized coaching is also provided.  A secure member only website houses teams’ performance reports, aggregate information, and tools, plus references, presentations and training materials.

Improvement Science Training

All member teams are trained in Improvement Science methods, tools, and approaches to support improvements in clinic processes.  The center implements these methods, including Plan-Do-Study-Act quality improvement cycles to close the gaps, collecting data to determine the effectiveness of the changes it makes.  With this iterative process of continuous quality improvement, changes will be made in the way care is delivered at the center, resulting in improvements in the care provided.

Cross-institution Collaboration

Member centers collaborate and share tools and materials with other centers that aid and expedite improvement of care delivery processes.

Community Engagement

IROC goes beyond the clinic setting by engaging the patients and families to create more effective systems of care and educational approaches that reduce care barriers and enhance adherence to treatment plans.


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