Enhancing patient care is at the heart of what we do, and when you join IROC
you're joining an environment of constant improvement.

Benefits of Joining

Improved outcomes for patients

Training in quality improvement and the Chronic Care Model® interventions

Tools to facilitate, streamline, and improve the care you provide

Collaboration to share ideas, approaches, and tools

Pre-visit Planning + Population Management                    

Clinical decision support to improve quality and efficiency of care focused on defined clinical outcomes

Collaborative Relationships with Kidney Transplant Professionals


In-person Learning Sessions and virtual Action Period Calls

Member’s only website with shared tools and resources

Accelerate generation of new knowledge through research

“Reagent Grade” practice exposes knowledge gaps and generates rich clinical data

Network allows for increased patient numbers for comparative effectiveness research

Master Reliance IRB

Electronic data transfer of enrollment and transplant information and laboratory results

Reduced effort, higher quality data


CMS Quality Assurance Process Improvement requirements

MOC Part 4 Credit

Positions centers for broad system change (Value-based care)


Whatever roadblocks you are experiencing....

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