Our Mission

To support and collaborate with hospital providers, researchers, and other patients and families while advocating to improve the outcomes for children and adolescents facing kidney transplant and chronic kidney disease.


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Long-term Goals

We are a group of patients, parents and other caregivers, hospital providers, and concerned community members working towards:

  • Broadening awareness of the value of collaborative health care
  • Expanding participation by patients, families, and providers within the IROC network
  • Identifying local leaders who will serve as engines of change to improve renal outcomes


Membership Benefits

  • Sharing your first-hand knowledge with interested hospital providers
  • Learning about best practices in chronic kidney care management
  • Networking with other families facing similar challenges
  • Membership in our Facebook group
  • Helping to improve kidney care for all patients nationwide
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If you are interested in participating in the Community Engagement Workgroup, contact: communityIROC@gmail.com